The project that emerged from a closed competition for the design of ETA (water treatment plant) exploration buildings in Lever, has revelead an unsuspected complexity.
The aim was to integrate the buildings into the natural landscape where, in addition to the project were integrated the ETA infrastructures.
Returning to the scene we confirmed our first impression: the landscape appeared to us as a canvas, where the monochromatic plans of the hillside and the river are horizontally balanced, sewn in the center by the linear graphics of the buildings under construction.
We return to the studio convinced that in certain contexts, it would be preferable not to express originality …
“In fact, there is simultaneously excessive and insufficient quantity of Architecture.
Insufficient in what is essential, excessive in what is futile.
Insufficient in elementary and excessive in that makeup generalization now known as Architecture”(Paul Chémetov).
Regardless of the cancellation of the competition (change of program decided by the promotor), in recognition of the work presented, we were commissioned the project for the Laboratories.