Counteract the local and national policy wanting to rehabilitate and renovate the home of the Gramosa Baron into a residential building, not a cultural space, was difficult.
Despite the worrying “tertiarization” of urban centers and the state of general deterioration of the building, it was necessary to insist for three long years to get … a first favorable assent!
Images of nineteenth century Minho helped rebuild the roof.
Outside, the facade was restored, we demolished and rebuilt the rear facade of Brazilian influence.
Inside, we preserved the start of the monumental staircase and the baroque volutes of the door that established the connection between the hall and the house.
At the rear, in the garden, the extension of a unitary volume connected by a glass gallery and maintaining the alignment of the street, found himself sadly, and against our will, cut into steps.
Four flats, two shops and a basement parking, however, were integrated into the operation.