The atelier took on this plat between 1996 and 2000. All houses are based in the same “L” shape volume and plan typology.
The dwellings built so far allowed us to ascertain that it is possible to create diverse environments whilst meeting the clients’ requirements and ensuring the collective wellbeing of landscape usufruct, privacy and plat coherence. These goals were accomplished by introducing small variations to the basic “L” shape and carefully adapting each house to its plot topography.

The set of granite walls that defines the lot penetrates the terrain to sustain the natural platforms.
From the east gable to the covered area of the garage, the roof plan unfolds to follow the terrain and guide the body towards the scenery.
The house develops in an «étage de vie» and in another one that houses the services.
Inside, the “Lias Molianos” stone combines with the “Ipe” wood and the exposed concrete.
Outside, olives, pines, heather and moss accompany the granite and the oxidized iron.