D. Antónia Housing Development

The design of the “Dona Antonia” housing development is part of a public infrastructure construction operation for the creation of 46 lots for single family homes.
The area of intervention is of about eight hectares of sloping hillside, forming part of the basement to the mountain called “Frio” in the limit of the urban area of Braga.
From the creation of infrastructure, the project aims to:
Structuring the unity of landscape and buildings to produce a landscape consciously “organized” rather than a “landscape result.”
Integrating the specifics of the location, topography, water lines, vegetation and roads as materials to enrich the necessary changes.
Overcoming regulatory constraints and sectoral visions, which do not yet belong to the realm of urban planning and architecture, with alternative solutions to integrate and simplify.
Using natural stone, as a major component of the ensemble’s unity, stating the local specificity.

Photos: xavier antunes