The Municipal Plan of Póvoa de Varzim reflects the desire to channel the city’s growth phenomena, consolidating, reformulating and closing the urban front, setting limits and identifiable forms, capable of countering the uncontrolled development of the periphery.
The aim would therefore be a unitary re-classification of the city’s radio-concentric image.
The realization of the limits (doors), the possible hierarchies, the clear definition of the access areas and the connections that can be established, create the discipline for urban restructuring in the periphery.
Thus, the building aims to:
Define an obvious transition between what is outside and what is inside the urban front.
Establish an urban element – “door” – which shows the access to the future Avenue.
Rediscover a typology of urban block.
Assert itself through the unitary and monochromatic treatment of the facades.
Elect a direction by creating an asymmetry in the pre-established urbanization plan of the area.